. . . it is almost impossible that I should be here.

"It is almost impossible that I should be here..."

New YouTube Channel and Derrida Lectures

So my Slow Reading posts have become very slow. I have not given up on them; I just have a bit more on my plate with a new semester. Wednesday afternoons, I teach ENG 378: Aspects of Postmodernism at URI Providence and have made the decision to teach the entirety of Jacques Derrida's Of Grammatology. Because most of my students do not have a background in philosophy (or in "literary" theory), I've begun posting YouTube videos (supplements!) meant to give them some access points into the text. So far those who've had time to watch them have found them useful (I think!).

Here's one video in which I try to give the bullet points of Ferdinand de Saussure's linguistics:


Click here for the YouTube channel.