New YouTube Series: "Reading Tasks: Episodes in Theory and Criticism"

For the past three semesters, my channel has been the home of supplementary lectures for courses I teach at the University of Rhode Island. Since I'm currently teaching the same course I taught at URI in the spring (ENG 201: Principles of Literary Study), I've haven't been as active as I would have liked over the past few weeks. In lieu of new course content, I've begun a new series, "Reading Tasks: Episodes in Theory and Criticism."

To view the intro to the series, click here. And here's the first video of the first installment on William K. Wimsatt and Monroe Beardsley's "The Intentional Fallacy" (1946):

Random Reading (#5): William Gaddis's The Recognitions (1955)

Slow Reading (1.27): Deleuze's DR (pp. 29-30)