. . . it is almost impossible that I should be here.

"It is almost impossible that I should be here..."

Commonplace Book (May 2018)

. . . knowledge is not made for understanding; it is made for cutting.

Michel Foucault, "Nietzsche, Genealogy, History" (1971)

May 17 (Thursday)

Being much about the same age and both under thirty, [Mr. Denham and Katharine Hilbery], they were prohibited from the use of a great many conventional phrases which launch conversation into smooth waters. They were further silenced by Katharine's rather malicious determination not to help this young man, in whose upright and resolute bearing she detected something hostile to her surroundings, by any of the usual feminine amenities. They therefore sat silent, Denham controlling his desire to say something abrupt and explosive, which should shock her into life.

Virginia Woolf, Night and Day (1919)

May 15 (Tuesday)

All of us can write. Few of us know how to work at writing. And even fewer of us know how to sculpt our lives so we can write.

Louise DeSalvo, The Art of Slow Writing (2014)
Pg. 13